The I.C.E. Medical Rescue and My Medic team members are all equally afforded the opportunity to attend internationally accredited courses and seminars focused on the updating of knowledge related to ever changing clinical trends in respect of emergency medical care and rescue procedures. Members of our organisation are also regularly called on to present training at corporate safety indabas.


The I.C.E. Medical Rescue staff contingent is composed of highly motivated emergency care personnel who hold differing levels of qualifications as well as having broad skill sets ranging from emergency medical care to technical rescue response at basic to advanced levels.

Many of the staff within our organisation are multi-skilled and are constantly being encouraged to continue developing new skills going forwards. Members of the I.C.E. Medical Rescue team also actively volunteer with the National Sea Rescue Institute and other voluntary as well as state sanctioned rescue organisations.


The I.C.E. Medical Rescue team members are highly driven personality types who gladly work longer hours than are reasonable or legal. As organisation are extremely careful in respect of managing working hours appropriately with the single aim of protecting our staff from burn-out.

Excellence in emergency medical and rescue care is only reached when leadership strikes a balance between giving the practitioners enough work to keep them passionate without letting them burnout, the I.C.E. Medical Rescue leadership have struck this balance.


All clinical practice undertaken under the I.C.E. Medical Rescue and the My Medic umbrellas is audited by a clinical governance committee to ensure that any risks to patients are mitigated in order to maintain first world medical care standards.

Recognised procedures are adhered to by all members of the team while skills maintenance programs are run alongside the process of risk mitigation where the case management which is done by our clinical governance committee ensures that Continual Professional Development objectives remain relevant to the work which the each of the team members are involved with on a daily basis.


The simplicity of the I.C.E. Medical Rescue service motto ‘Patient Care Towards Humanity’ has proven to be an anchor in the daily storms of stressful emergency services provision.